Michael Addamo has been on an incredible high-stakes poker winning streak during the fall of 2021. The 27-year-old Australian poker regular has been able to participate in eight different final tables since September 18th. During this time, Addamo has won six titles and earned over $9.4 million in less than 10 weeks. Moreover, two of his most recent titles came from some of the largest events during the 2021 WSOP. In this article, we will talk about another victory of Michael Addamo in the high roller event, namely the $100,000 buy-in No-Limit Hold’em at the WSOP. 

Addamo was awarded $1,958,569 for his latest career triumph in the WSOP high roller event. This has become his fourth career WSOP gold bracelet and his second bracelet this year. As a reminder, Addamo won his first bracelet in the 2018 WSOP $2,620 buy-in event. 

Here is what Michael Addamo told the reporters regarding his win:

“I’ve been playing non-stop for three and a half months straight so I am ready for a break,”

Michael Addamo started off his winning streak with a victory in the Poker Masters high-stakes tournament series. In that series, he has managed to win the final to events back-to-back and go home with a Purple Jacket and $1,840,000 in tournament earnings. Just after a few days, Addamo finished as a runner-up in another high roller event (with a $50,000 buy-in) for $322,000. The Australian regular continued his winning spree just days later with his victory in the 2021 Super High Roller Bowl, which has become his career-best score of $3,402,000. And after about a week, he had added another $544,000 to his name by finishing third in the $200,000 buy-in high roller at ARIA. 

After that, he was able to win the $50,000 high roller event at the 2021 WSOP, which has become his third gold bracelet and his third seven-figure score in just over a month. A week after that triumph, he has achieved his fifth title of the year in the $15,000 high roller at ARIA. And, just last week, he was able to top the field and win the $100,000 buy-in No-Limit Hold’em at 2021 WSOP for his fourth WSOP bracelet. 

Final Table

In his usual style, Michael Addamo came into the final table with a confident chip lead. Moreover, his 19,620,000 in chips at the start of the final day, were more than the total number of chips among his opponents combined. Here is what Addamo told the reporters about his strategy and style of play during high-roller events:

“I play a strategy where I put a lot of big bets in, like, that’s no secret. The solvers say I should use them, so I do. Sometimes you’re going to be out in the first level, and sometimes you’re going to run up a big stack. I might be more likely to have a big stack, or be out,” 

Henrik Hecklen was the first player to be eliminated. His Q J were outrun by the K 3 of Sam Soverel, who shoved from the small blind. Soverel was able to make a pair of kings and take down the pot. Henrik Hecklen was awarded $434,523 for his fifth-place finish. Moreover, after this takedown, Soverel briefly became the chip leader. He went all-in with a top pair against Addamo, who had the low two pair on the turn. Soverel paired his kicker on the river and has managed to double up his funds. 

Sean Perry was the next participant to go home. His pocket sixes were met with pocket eights of Kevin Rabichow. Rabichow’s lead was extended, as he flopped an eight. The turn and the river were both unhelpful to Sean Perry. As a result, Sean Perry was awarded $590,344 for his fourth-place finish. 

Sam Soverel was the last opponent to be eliminated before the heads-up play. Several lost a big pot to Michael Addamo without a showdown, giving the Australian the top spot on the chip leaderboard once again. However, Soverel has managed to double up shortly after that and jump back into the lead. There was another big clash between these two players, during which Addamo retook a commanding lead, but none of the players were eliminated, so the three-handed play continued. Eventually, Soverel went all-in with A 10 against Addamo’s A J. Addamo flopped triple jacks, while Soverel was not so lucky. Sam Soverel was eliminated in third place and awarded $830,992 for his result. 

Heads-Up Play

Michael Addamo has entered the heads-up play against Kevin Rabichow with a confident chip lead of over 5:1. The duel culminated when Michael Addamo went all-in from the button with K 2 and Kevin Rabichow called with his A 6. The board ran 5 5 2 Q 7. With that, Keving Rabichow was eliminated and awarded $1,210,487 as a runner-up in this event. Michael Addamo has won his fourth WSOP bracelet and was awarded $1,958,569 for his victory. 

Here is what Michael Addamo told the reporters regarding his duel with Kevin Rabichow:

“Kevin is a heads-up player originally, so it would have been quite tough if he doubled up. Fortunately, it was only 10 big blind poker, so there wasn’t a whole lot going on.”

Not only did this victory award Michael Addamo with another WSOP bracelet, but it has also allowed him to score the same ranking points. For example, he has secured 400 PokerGO Tour points. Now, he has 3083 points in total and sits in 2nd place on the leaderboard. Here are the full final table results:

1 Michael Addamo Australia $1,958,569
2 Kevin Rabichow United States $1,210,487
3 Sam Soverel United States $830,992
4 Sean Perry United States $590,344
5 Henrik Hecklen Denmark $434,523
6 Sorel Mizzi Canada $331,806
7 Sam Grafton United Kingdom $263,227
8 Mikita Badziakouski Belarus $217,274
9 Bill Klein United States $186,909
10 Fedor Holz Germany $167,869
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