It was recently revealed by the Americas Cardroom that it has recently signed Chris Moorman and Katie Lindsay to its roster of ambassadors. In case you have forgotten, Chris Moorman left the 888poker team this summer and searched for a new poker partner. This cooperation is exciting in many ways, but the most notable aspect is the fact that for the first time both parties of a married couple received sponsorships at the same time for the same poker room. 

Americas Cardroom is a flagship website of the Winning Poker Network and is constantly expanding its roster. ACR was able to sign Chris Moneymaker, a former member of Team PokerStars Pro, in February 2021. This cooperation was quite successful, as Moneymaker is probably one of the most popular poker players in the world right now. Soon after, ACR was able to sign Vanessa Kade as well. The poker room continues the trend of excellent commercial choices and it is clearly demonstrated by their decision to build a partnership with Chris Moorman and Katie Lindsay. Read on for further details. 

Americas Cardroom Signs an Exciting Duo

Americas Cardroom wanted to build some anticipation around their new ambassadors. They have begun hinting and teasing the new partnership on the website with a vague picture that portrayed the silhouettes of a man and a woman. Poker fans were left guessing. However, some have started to suspect that the man would be Chris Moorman, but almost nobody thought that the woman would be his wife, Katie Lindsay. While it might have been surprising, this decision makes sense on many levels. 

In case you are not aware, Chris Moorman is one of the most accomplished online poker players in history. Chris currently has over $6M in live tournament earnings and over $19M in online poker tournament winnings. There has been much speculation regarding his decision to leave 888poker team and what might have been the reasons for that. But the most probable issue is that Britain’s poker regular had to travel to Mexico, Canada, or the UK in order to play at those sites. However, the new deal with ACR allows him to play from home and stay in the United States. 

Katie Lindsay has strong bonds with poker and its community as well. She started off as a writer and a businesswoman. Her major job was to represent poker pros in talks with leading online poker rooms. There were quite a lot of clients, as she was doing it during the rapid growth of online poker worldwide. At that time, Katie Lindsay would also start to play poker more and more. After she married Chris Moorman in 2014, she started playing even more often and now has over $500K in live tournament earnings and more than $1.5M in online tournament winnings. Together with Chris, they make a perfect duo and can do some damage at the poker table. 

Chris’s and Katie’s Comments

Chris Moorman told the following regarding the new partnership with the Americas Cardroom:

“It’s a huge compliment to be asked to be part of an online poker site. Only a handful of sponsorships are available these days, so it’s an incredible feeling to join the ACR team. It validates all the hard work I’ve put into poker over the years.”

Chris has also decided to share the next step in his career by announcing his singing on his Twitter page, which he rarely uses:

“Guess I’m going to get to stare at @katelinds even more often now! I’m incredibly proud to announce that we have both just signed with @ACR_POKER Really looking forward to what the next few years brings.”

Americas Cardroom has also conducted a special interview with Chris Moorman to discuss his poker career and achievements so far. Chris mentioned that he is a big fan of ACR and is impressed by how fast it was able to grow and consolidate its place in the poker marker. He has also added that he especially likes ACR’s large prize pool tournaments and how well-structured they are. Chris also highlights the fact that ACR accepts Bitcoin, which is a huge bonus:

“A lot of sites make it difficult for UK players to play poker. ACR fully supports Bitcoin and being able to use crypto for both deposits and cashouts makes things a lot easier for players to move money around without a ton of restrictions like there are on other poker sites.”

When asked about his goals at ACR, Chris said that he want to help this poker room grow and develop into an even larger project. 

Chris and Katie were also asked about what it means for them to be signed together:

“It helps so much to have someone who understands what you are going through when things aren’t going your way,” Chris Moorman told ACR. “Also, when one of us is on a bad run, the other tends to save their bacon.”

Katie Lindsay has also talked about her love for the game of poker. She mentioned that she loves games and challenges, but she also likes the social aspects of poker. Katie enjoys showing off her passion for fashion, having drinks, and making new friends all around the world. She has also announced her new signing on Twitter:

Thrilled to announce that @acr_poker has asked @moorman1 and I to join their team of pros. I’ve been playing and working in poker for 17 years and this is such an exciting and unexpected opportunity. 

Katie Lindsay has also mentioned during the interview that they make an excellent pair as two poker players. She also adds that while it can be difficult to experience downswings at the same time, they are able to overcome tough situations together as a team. 

There is no doubt that with two competitive poker players in one household, the rivalry is going to be at a high level. Of course, Chris Moorman and Katie Lindsay enjoy having a laugh about the level of their competitiveness, but when they are together at the same table, the battle is on.

Why Americas Cardroom?

Chris Moorman’s decision to join ACR came as a big surprise for many players. Many poker fans assumed that after his departure from the 888poker, he would resume his ambassador career on the GGNetwork, as he preferred to play tournaments there. Obviously, it is impossible to know the real reasons behind this decision, however, we can speculate that Katie’s US citizenship may have played a role. It was announced that Chirs Moorman is going to represent ACR at various tournaments by wearing its merch and also hosting live poker streams on the Americas Cardroom’s Twitch channel. 

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