There was little doubt among the poker community that Brazil is going to dominate in the 2021 WSOP Online held on GGPoker. Brazil got into the lead early on in the tournament and stayed there until the end with a total of six gold bracelets. They dominated with the most gold bracelets, final table appearances, and medals. 

However, there was a potential rival for Brazil. It is fair to say that there was a large number of people that thought the United States is going to come out on top. Especially, given the status of the last year’s strongest nation. Unfortunately, the United States of America was unable to bring these hopes to reality and finished only fifth. 

In this article, we will look closely at Brazil’s domination as well as sum up the 2021 WSOP Online rankings. Read on for more details.

2021 WSOP Online Summary

Overall, the 2021 WSOP on GGPoker was a great tournament. It has generated over $90 million in prize money across 33 different gold bracelet events. The tournament also gathered a total of 128,000 entries with each event attracting around 3,878 entries on average. The total buy-in for all events was $86,241 with an average buy-in being $2,617, which shows the number of high rollers during that event. Needless to say that this tournament was quite successful for the organizers as well. The total admin fee collected was $617,887 and the total amount collected in rake was $4,350,955

The set guarantee for each event except for one was surpassed without any problems. The one that was unable to break the guarantee was the $5,000 Main Event. There was no doubt that the hefty $20 million guarantee was a hard target to reach. As a result, the overlay reached $24 million during the final day of the Main Event flights. With that, the final prize pool was cut down to only $563,000. 

2021 WSOP Online Country Rankings

Now when we have discussed the financial aspect of the 2021 WSOP Online, it is time to go deeper into the nation’s rankings. As you can probably read from the title, the festival was absolutely dominated by Brazil. The Main Event final table featured two Brazilians but they were unable to get more gold. However, it did not matter much. Brazil was in the lead since the very beginning of the 2021 WSOP Online. By the final day of the Main Event, this nation was able to win in six different events and finish in the Top 3 thirteen times. 

This was largely due to the success of Joao Simao and Thiago Crema who were able to get an early win each. However, Poland was doing quite well too. Bartlomiej Swieboda and Kacper Pyzara were also able to win one event each early on in the tournament. Moreover, Dominik Panka made this count go up to three by the end of the series. But, of course, there was almost no doubt that another nation will come out on top. Brazil kept pushing in each event and has eventually succeeded. It is clear that Brazil’s online poker market is growing at incredible rates. 

Overall, the field of players and winners was pretty international. There were winners from eighteen different nations. Moreover, there were seven different nations that were able to get at least one gold, silver, and bronze finish. In total, there were eight different countries that had more than one winner. China was quite unlike during the 2021 WSOP Online. It was the most successful nation in the tournament without a bracelet winner. China got impressive seven podium finishes and 15 final table appearances. Unfortunately, they were just unable to get that win.

Maybe that was because Brazil dominated the final stages of almost all events. It is clear from the number of medals, final table appearances, and their top spot on the list. To truly understand how great of an achievement that was, we can look at other countries. For example, no other country was able to get more than three wins. Russia came behind Brazil on a solid second place with three silvers and 2 bronze finishes. Brazil has managed to get a total of 32 final table appearances with Russian being in second place with 21. The third place was split between the United States and Canada with each nation getting 18 final table appearances. As mentioned previously, this tournament was disappointing for the US, as they were unable to repeat their last year’s success. Here are the 2021 WSOP Online Country Rankings:

Rank Country Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 Brazil 6 4 3 13
2 Russia 3 3 2 8
Poland 3 1 4
Ukraine 3 3
5 United States 2 1 1 4
Italy  2 1 3
7 Greece 2 1 3
8 France 2 2
9 Israel 1 1 4 6
10 Finland 1 1 2 4
11 Canada 1 1 1 3
11 Portugal 1 1 1 3
13  Hong Kong 1 1 2
13  Romania 1 1 2
16  Germany 1 1 2
16 Lithuania 1 1 2
16 South Korea 1 1 2
19 China 4 3 7
20 Japan 2 2
21 Austria 1 1 2
22 Australia 1 1 2
22 Taiwan 1 1 2
22 Uruguay 1 1 2
25 Argentina 1 1
25 Bulgaria 1 1
25  Latvia 1 1
25 Norway 1 1
25 Slovenia 1 1
25 United Kingdom 1 1
25 Vietnam 1 1
32 Belgium 1 1
32 Cyprus 1 1
32  India 1 1
32 Montenegro 1 1
32 Switzerland 1 1


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